We’ve sold over $97MM in supplements online…you’ll want to know what we’re doing
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You know how powerful masterminds are…

Because right now you’re either in one or are drawn to be. You wouldn’t be reading these words if you weren’t.

And it makes sense. There’s power in the community.
But more importantly, there’s data.

And the more data you have, the more knowledge you have to make accurate decisions to grow your business.

That’s why I’m excited for you to explore our Supplement Millionaire mastermind—it’s a game-changer in the world of online supplement businesses.

Every week, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with myself, Cody Bramlett, my co-founder Peter Tzemis, and our team of A-list coaches to launch and scale your online supplement business as a member.
I’ve Done These For You
You don’t need a ton of capital to get started
You don’t need to formulate a product or find a supplier
You don’t even need to spend a single cent on your inventory to start selling and turning a profit
You don’t need to know how to write copy, emails or sales letters
You don’t need to design sales pages or VSLs
You don’t need to buy traffic or play Russian roulette with youtube, facebook and native ads
Why You Should Join
The Supplement Millionaire Mastermind
Our mastermind is only for those who want to launch, grow, and quickly scale their supplement business. It’s an environment where results are measured and progress is made weekly.
Experience true freedom and create a real business that prints money whether you’re working or not.
We focus on the big rocks and the bottom line. We don’t do shiny objects. Focus creates profitable businesses. It’s our focused approach and implementation strategies will help you grow from 0 to $1MM+ in the next 12 months.
You’ll get support, a proven track record, and a blueprint to take your business to the next level.
Expert Coaching
Our expert coaches in leadership, copywriting, sales, marketing, and operations along with multiple world-class guest experts in various fields are specifically curated to help you grow your business.
Scalable Strategy
We’ve scaled our first supplement brand to over $15MM in the first year alone and sold over $100MM. We know how to help you grow.
A Proven Blueprint
When you join our mastermind, you’ll get support, a proven track record, and a blueprint to take your business to the next level.
Who We Are
Cody Bramlett
Founder, Supplement Millionaire,
Science Natural Supplements
& Waddlebear Media
Cody Bramlett is a “recovering personal trainer” turned eight-figure nutritional supplement brand owner. After scraping by as a personal trainer and gym owner, Cody’s supplement empire all started with solving one simple problem: His father was suffering from chronic inflammation.

Bramlett’s dad was in extreme pain because of his diet, stress, and being generally overweight. The doctors seemingly couldn’t provide any relief, but Cody was determined to find a way to help him…and he did! His custom formulated products such as Turmeric with BioPerine stopped his Dad’s chronic inflammation in its tracks, and he also went on to research the science behind other pure, natural ingredients.

This empowered Bramlett to start growing his company, Science Natural Supplements, to help other people get pain-free, lose weight, and overall, just feel great about themselves! As a result of starting and scaling Science Naturals, Cody now also teaches other driven entrepreneurs how to profitably start, scale, and sell their own nutritional supplement brands through his coaching and mastermind called Supplement Millionaire.
Savannah McBride
Affiliate Management & Scaling Coach
Savannah and her team have generated over 95% of all sales for Cody’s multiple supplement brands totaling over $50MM in online sales.

She’ll show you how to do affiliate marketing and joint ventures correctly, so you’ll stand out and have affiliates knocking down your door to promote your offers.

Savannah goes in-depth on how-to manage your day-to-day affiliate marketing, establish your numbers, structure commissions, negotiate deals so you’re profitable, and much more.
Milai Ichikawa
Operations & Team Building Coach
Milai is a brilliant team leader and problem solver. She brings her expertise in operations and strategy to Cody’s multiple businesses. Milai manages all projects and oversees product development, inventory, logistics, and more.

Milai will show you how to scale to 8-figures in mere months. With her step-by-step formulas to run your business effectively without working 12 hours a day, you’ll discover how to hire and manage cross-functional teams and ensure everything runs smoothly and within budget.
Katerina Kavouklis
Email List Management Coach
Katerina is a behind-the-scenes master of creating, launching, and developing health and wellness offers and managing multiple 8-figure email lists in her 12+ years of experience in direct response marketing.

Don’t let anyone tell you email marketing is dead. Email is still hands down the highest ROI generator across all marketing channels. She’ll show you the real deal about email list management and how you can create a reliable on-demand money making machine with your email lists.
Client Success Stories
David Rosales
Partner at Roman Fitness Systems
This blueprint will add an extra 7-figures to our business this year
“I don’t think anyone knows the supplement business better than Cody. In just 15 minutes, he showed us the leaks in our ship, and how to scale our fitness supplements to 7 figures or more in the next 3-4 months. He even gave us the exact templates to use for setting up the pages and who to hire (within our budget) to make everything run smoothly. Even though I’m a complete beginner, I have no doubt in mind that his blueprint will add an extra 7-figures to our business this year”
Jeremy Reeves
Owner of PeakBiome
One conversation adds an additional $300-500k this year
“Cody is one of those people that makes you smarter every time you talk to him. He’s one of those rare people who understands the supplement business from both a marketing AND operations perspective, so he can teach you some crazy marketing trick that doubled his conversions, then turn around and show you how to add an extra 15% to your bottom line by cutting expenses. In ONE single conversation with him he gave me 14 different ideas I could implement that I wasn’t already doing. Those ideas should add an additional $300-500k in net revenue this year.”